Growing Old … Gracefully

Note: This article was originally written in 2009. The grandchild that I was anticipating at the time is now on her 3rd year and I now have a second "apo". -- Boogie


icecreamcakeThe title for this article occured to me while my wife Queenie and I were shopping at our regular supermarket. As was our custom, while she went about checking her list and we zigzagged through the different shelves and product lanes, I was pushing our cart and keeping tab of the running total. I enjoyed the mental exercise and even during times when we had a calculator, I would prefer to run the totals through my head as a form of cerebral calisthenics.

The Benefit of the Doubt is a Greater Benefit to Give

benefit-of-the-doubtI was going through piles of news items the other day about the financial crisis besetting the world. The picture being painted was growing dismally depressing with each news item when comic relief injected itself through the following item I read:

“The financial crisis has reached unprecedented proportions. In spite of continuous clamor from employees for more benefits, companies across the country are saying that the only benefit they can guarantee to give at this point is the benefit of the doubt.”

It distracted me from my train of thought but as I pondered on this nugget of humor, I realized that the “benefit of the doubt” is something that we might summarily dismiss in the course of daily human interaction but which in fact can be an important aspect of Christian personal relationships.

Our Conscience Needs Therapy Too


Q: Why do physical therapists not treat themselves?

A: They don't want to indulge in self-PT

This joke came to my mind one day in 2009 while waiting for news about my wife, Queenie’s visit to a physical therapy clinic. I realized later that I was just trying to amuse myself because in reality I was worried about her and anxious to find out how her consultation turned out. Ever since the preceding Sunday, she has not been able to raise her right arm or move it without causing her serious pain on her shoulder joints. Even when she was not moving her arm, painful spasms would shoot down from her shoulder down her arm and was causing her much discomfort.

The Parable of the Weakest Link

parable-of-the-weakest-linkIn the olden days, there was a town called Lernuscus who one day found itself under the threat of being attacked by the faraway town of Hidarabad. But since it would take the Hidarabanians still 30 days to reach them, they decided to prepare themselves for the impending war.

They started to arm themselves and stock on supplies and discuss among themselves how to best ward off the enemy's attack. On the second day however, some people noticed that there was a group of people who they perceived were not contributing as much to the effort as they were expecting so the former met among themselves to address their perceived problem.

"This group will not be able to help us any in our fight against the Hidarabanians. I suggest we kill them all before they become our liability."

So they gathered the latter group and lined them up against the wall and started shooting them until they all fell down.

P.E.A.C.E. Be With You

peace2One time I found myself boiling mad. I was not just angry, I was irate, I was furious. Fortunately it was not a foaming in the mouth, hitting the roof, homicidal, suicidal, ballistic kind of anger. Otherwise I might have lost my sanity. So there I was poised to unleash a venomous outburst of words that had God not intervened would have ended up bumptiously offensive.

As I was just about to start typing on my computer, typhoon Egay struck and we had a brownout. My wife Queenie then said to me, "Let’s pray the rosary" and so we prayed. And in the intervening days, as my wife and I listened to the Lord in our daily prayer time, I could feel the anger in me subside. I could almost hear the hissing sound of a hot iron rod being dipped in a pool of cool water.

And so I say, "Peace be with you..." 

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