Create Your Professional Speaking Portfolio

professional speaking portfolio

When you decided to become a professional speaker, effectively you also decided to be a professional marketer. People will not just come to you even if you are that good, especially in the early stages of your professional speaking career. You have to get the word out there and one way to do it is to have a promotional or marketing kit also known as your professional speaking portfolio.

To create a marketing kit that will get the attention of speaker bureaus and event organizers you need to have certain information available. These information are the ones they are looking for:

Five Ways to Market Yourself as a Professional Speaker

5 ways to market yourself

You may think you are the greatest speaker out there and the world is just waiting for you to hear your message. However, if you do not market yourself you will soon realize that it is just an illusion of an inflated ego. With your decision to become a professional speaker came the necessity to be a marketer also. You have to learn how to market yourself in the field you intend to dominate.

Following are five ways to connect with people who will get your professional speaking services. Bottomline is you need to advertise your abilities and capabilities. Don't leave things to chance. You have to get your name out there before people will start calling you.

Seven Tips to Help You Feel Confident in Front of an Audience

seven tips for confidence

Do you experience fear and anxiety when you stand in front of an audience? When you are called to present before a crowd, does your palms start to sweat, your heartbeat starts to race, you feel like you want to throw up, and your lungs seem to start to constrict? Don't worry, statistics show that over 41% of people suffer from one form of anxiety or another when asked to speak in front of an audience. Even seasoned speakers still experience butterflies in their stomach minutes before they are called on stage.

Here are seven tips to help you overcome your fear and anxiety and give you more confidence in front of your audience. You will still feel nervous right before you start but don't worry about it, it's just normal. Once your confidence kicks in, your fear will start to dissipate and about five to ten minutes into your presentation, you will feel all your anxiety dissolve as you get into the full flow of your speech.

Four Easy Ways to Remember Your Presentation Material

easy ways to remember your speech

After days of practicing and rehearsing your speech you finally get to stand and deliver it before your audience. At some point in your presentation, however, your mind suddenly goes blank and you forget what to say next. As awkwardness and embarrassment kicks in, you panic and you lose your entire speech altogether.

This can probably be one of the worst nightmares everyone who gets a chance to speak in public can get to experience. This is also possibly one of the major reasons why a lot of people fear public speaking. But fear not because there are ways by which one can gain confidence at not blanking out in the middle of a speech. One reason why this happens is that some speakers try to memorize the entirety of their speech so much so that when they forget a part of it, they panic and the anxiety causes them to forget more.

The key then is not to be dependent on having to memorize every word you have to say. The technique to do it is to make use of triggers, prompts, and cues in your presentation. These can be props, visual aids like powerpoint, or even stories that you insert in your presentation. These triggers will help cue you on where you are in your talk and what important point you are trying to make. This will also help you frame your thought on what to say without having to rely completely on your prepared speech.

Here are four easy ways to help you remember your presentation.

5 More Tips for Professional Speakers

5 more tips for speakers

In a previous article, “5 Tips for Professional Speakers”, I spoke about 5 points that will help you prepare for a presentation. In these next 5 tips, I discuss additional things that will help you during the presentation itself.

1. Have just the right amount of information. Overwhelming your audience with a lot of facts and figures might backfire on your presentation. At some point in your speech they will just simply tune you out if they cannot cope anymore. True, there is always the temptation to bombard your crowd with a lot of information because there is always that nagging feeling that you are falling short of your message because they want more answers to their questions. The truth of the matter however is that it doesn't hurt to leave them with some questions. By giving them just enough information to grasp the main idea of your message, they will be motivated and hooked to getting more information from you. If you have a website (which I strongly recommend) or a book that you're selling, getting them to a state where they would want their initial taste of information from you satisfied some more will be a good way to get them to visit your website or buy your book.

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