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Learn to Build Websites from the

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Why Pay Hundreds of Dollars to Have a Simple Website
When You Can Learn to Build Dynamic Websites
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Setting up an interactive portal for your company? Building an online store for your business? Creating a sophisticated real-estate management site? Developing a membership site for your organization? How long do you think would each of these take? 

With a content management system and website development platform like Joomla!, building professional-looking, sophisticated, and interactive web-based systems is possible within a short time and at very minimal costs. With Joomla!, the website you only dreamed possible is now within reach and may easily become a reality.

Amazing?! I’d say it's AWESOME!!!
And now you can learn how to build websites like these in 10 easy lessons!

ver25Learn how to design, develop, and deploy Joomla! websites with this tutorial package that teaches you how to do it in 10 easy lessons.

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In 10 easy lessons of this online tutorial, you will learn:
  • Lesson 1: The Joomla! Content Management System (CMS)
    • A Short History of Joomla!
    • Joomla! is Template-based
  • Lesson 2: Setting Up a Local Joomla! Development Environment
    • The Native Joomla! Environment
    • Installing a Local Server
  • Lesson 3: Installing Joomla! Websites
    • Launching our Local Server
    • Creating our First Joomla! Website
    • Joomla! Installation
    • Creating a Website with Sample Data
  • Lesson 4: A Quick Guide to the Joomla! Template
    • How Templates Work
    • Installing a Joomla! Template
    • Elements of a Joomla! Template
    • Using a Browser Plugin to Help Edit Templates
    • Modifying the Joomla! Template
  • Lesson 5: Managing and Editing Articles
    • Joomla!'s Content Management System
    • Joomla! Administrative Panel’s Graphical User Interface (GUI)
    • Working with Existing Content
    • Creating New Content
  • Lesson 6: Improving Your Editing Experience
    • An Improved Editing Experience
    • The JCE Component and Plugin
    • The Joomla! Extensions
    • Installing the JCE Editor
    • Updating Content
  • Lesson 7: Working Your Way Through Menus 
    • The Menu Module and Joomla!’s Template Positions
    • Managing Menu Items
    • Managing the Front Page
    • Adding New Menu Items
  • Lesson 8 – Using More Extensions to Enhance Content
    • Enhancing Content Presentation
    • A Blog-style Way to Present Your Articles
    • Other Ways to Present Your Articles
    • Enhancing Content through a Commenting Component 
    • Dealing with Long Articles
    • Tabs and Slides – An Alternative to Pagination
    • Article Parameters
  • Lesson 9 - Preparing a Home for Your Website 
    • What You Have Learned so Far
    • Finalizing Our Website for Publishing
    • Using Domain Name Analyzer (DNA)
    • Registering Your Domain Name
    • Setting Up Your Webhosting
  • Lesson 10 - Uploading your Website to your Webhost
    • Connecting Your Domain Name to Your Webhost
    • The cPanel Hosting Control Panel
    • Uploading Our Joomla! Website

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Learn to modify templates that will take you from


Practice building content with ready-made articles.

Build up content that will take you from



Learn how to install and manage a commenting component, display your articles as a blog, create tabs and slides presentation of content, and much, much more ...

What you will get:

More than 200 pages of easy to follow lessons with lots of screen shots.
Free Joomla! templates that you can use for your future projects.
Installers of programs used in the tutorials.
Collection of sample articles that can be used as website content.

You can immediately start learning how to build dynamic websites that will soon bring you on the way to a potentially lucrative venture.




Learn to Build Dynamic Websites

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