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steep curveOn September of this year, it would already be seven years since I got introduced to the world of Joomla! and learned how to do my first joomla website. It was a serendipitous moment as I recall it. At the time, I was doing websites for clients using plain HTML and it was quite a tedious process. Laboring for days and sometimes even months, I would come up with just static pages. When I asked around on how I could do dynamic and interactive pages the advice I got was mostly to use PHP and MySQL. So I bought this thick book on PHP and MySQL Web Development.

Unfortunately, I think I only got to page 10 of the book. Not only was I having difficulty absorbing the lessons but the results I was producing were still very basic and far from the things I wanted to do. Not to mention the fact that somehow I felt already too old for this kind of thing. My last programming language were C++ and Clipper and it seemed ages ago. It has been a long time since I last did any serious programming.

It was then that I discovered Joomla! First I was introduced to Mambo which is the predecessor content management system of of the Joomla website system. Joomla! broke away from Mambo and the Joomla Website group released their first version on September 2005. And I was there right from the start. Looking back at it, I can truthfully say that it was a very enjoyable, rewarding, but sometimes challenging journey.

joomla online courseThe beautiful thing about Joomla! is that introduction to the world of creating very powerful websites can be quite painless and exciting. As I discovered the power of Joomla! more and more, and the ease with which what used to be complicated websites can be crafted in a very short time, I soon realized that I had a very powerful system on my hands. I created my very first Joomla website in just a matter of minutes and got excited more and more as I learned more about it. Until I hit a wall in my learning process.

You see, craftiina a Joomla website is quite easy to learn and the learning barrier is low at the start. You can quickly be on your way to turning websites after websites as long as you stay within the confines of simple informational ones. Unfortunately, as you start exploring its more advanced features, the learning curve seems to become steeper and steeper. In fact, at some point I felt like I was back again to where I started and I even contempalted on stopping altogether.

Fortunately, Joomla! can truly be quite an enjoyable tool to work with that I soon found myself relishing the challenge instead of giving in to the pressure of learning. My efforts were soon rewarded when I found a better way of understanding the intricacies of the Joomla! system and started applying it to my learning routines. After a while I documented my experience and created a way of transferring my knowledge to other in a way that would facilitate their learning and help them avoid the pitfalls I experienced.

Joomla book 00In 2010 I wrote a book on how to create a Joomla website for its version at the time which was 1.5. In it I created a step-by-step guide that would help Joomla! learners get through the different areas of the learning process with ease. I then went around advocating the adoption of Joomla! as a website development platform and spoke at schools encouraging teachers and students alike to embrace the Joomla! CMS approach. As I heard the stories of other people on the difficulties they encountered at some point in studying Joomla!, all the more was I convinced that what I had was an effective way of hurdling Joomla's learning barrier.

Joomla! is now on version 2.5 and I continue to explore its wonders and share it with others. For those who are contemplating on a system to use for their website development needs, I highly recommend the Joomla! content management system and portal engine. Its simplicity masks the enormous power that it wields. It is capable of creating websites from the very simple, static, informational ones, all the way to highly sophisticated, interactive, and dynamic websites.



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