entreps-buayang-bato-visitLast February 4, as part of our ENTREPS (Technopreneurship) class at Asia Pacific College, my students and I visitied Barangay Buayang Bato in Mandaluyong. Buayang Bato is a Gawad Kalinga site in Concepcion Village where my wife Queenie, and I serve as members of Couples for Christ.

I brought my students there because we wanted to explore the possibility of applying the principles of entrepreneurship that we were studying in class to promote solutions that can help a community like Buayang Bato. Our objective in going there was to simply explore and find out what problems the residents are experiencing and propose technology-based solutions. To make the solutions sustainable, the students are to then craft a business plan to support the implementation of the solution with an ongoing viable business.

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The students were working in groups and each group was given a person to interview. The persons came from different areas within the community site since Buayang Bato is divided into three phases.

Hopefully this exercise will pan out into something beneficial. Even if just one out of the four groups turn in a feasible and viable business idea that can then be passed on to the community for implementation, and then the implementation turns out to produce promising results, then we would consider the whole exercise a success.


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