dandg book

David and Goliath is a Malcolm Gladwell book that came out in 2015. It innocently starts with the observation that in the fight between David and Goliath, we revel in David's victory because in our minds he is the underdog that conquered the bully against tremendous odds. Digging deeper, Gladwell then shows us that because of this predisposition to think that bigger is better and obvious advantages of one's opponent are insurmountable, we may be missing the big picture. We predict outcomes based on our primary perceptions without realizing that beneath the surface, there may be qualities and realities that we failed to take into account. In truth and upon closer inspection, Goliath is not totally undefeatable, and David is not short on resources with some options initially deemed as weaknesses turning out to be advantages after all.

This has led me to think that in the business realm, especially in the light of the onslaught of accelerating technologies, unprecedented developments, and exponential advancements, businesses may very well heed the lesson of David and Goliath by taking better stock of where they are and what they have and using these as a springboard to propel them into a path of digital and exponential transformation.

I call it the Davidic Growth Paradigm, a mindset of reframing disadvantages into opportunities and preempting advantages from becoming liabilities.