For the longest time you have wanted to start some form of exercise regimen. You keep on putting off when to start with all sorts of reasons. Guess what? You will never run out of reasons and you will always have some excuse to postpone getting started. The best way to get you going on an exercise routine is to find something that you’d like to do and start right off without giving yourself another chance to find a reason not to.

One important key of choosing the right exercise is to find out what you like to do. If you choose something that you’re not as excited about, it will be difficult for you to go at it for an extended period of time. Chances are you might be able to force yourself to start once but when you realize that it’s something you don’t like doing, you will convince yourself that it was really a bad idea to start with.

Some people like an early morning jogging but if you don’t like jogging or even waking up very early in the morning then you will find it difficult to get up at 5AM just to go running. An alternative then might be walking and you can start off on a daily routine of a walking exercise every morning just before your breakfast.

Find a nearby park or community place where people gather to do some early morning calisthenics or mild exercise routines and it you might chance upon some group who are doing walking exercises on a regular basis. If you’re married, invite your spouse to join you in your daily routine. Not only will it be a great bonding experience for you but it will also help you stay at your regimen with a partner to share it with you.

Walking is great exercise because it can be done by anybody regardless of their fitness level. What will vary will be the intensity and duration of the exercise. If you’re just starting, a low intensity level is recommended. You can then work your way up to increasing levels of intensity while extending the length of time of your exercise program.

You may start by walking for just 5 to 10 minutes per day, especially if you haven’t had a decent dose of exercise for quite a while. If you are relatively fitter than this, you may start off at 15 to 20 minutes. Gradually increase it by around 5 minutes every 2 weeks or so. To make things more interesting, don’t restrict yourself to that park or community place you started with. You may try going on different routes once in a while.

But maybe then walking is not your cup of tea. Well try a fitness center then. Go to a nearby mall or search the Internet for a nearby location of a fitness center. Most of these places have a variety of fitness programs and they have coaches and advisers on hand to assist you find your best exercise routine. But before you sign up, scout around for feedback from other people, especially from those who have been with that fitness center for long.

Lastly, you may want to consider sports activities to provide you with that much needed exercise. Try badminton or tennis and search for local clubs or sports centers near you. You might also want to look into golf which is not only a good exercise but is a good social activity as well.

Whatever exercise program you may end up with, keep in mind that what’s important is that it is helping you in your fitness goals. You may also consider to change your routines from time to time just so it would continue to sustain your interest and prevent you from sliding back to a sedentary life.