Getting into a regular exercise routine can be a challenge. Even if you manage to get into the habit of doing regular exercise, waking up in the morning to the thought of lifting weights in the gym or even just simply working out on the treadmill would oftentimes require a lot of motivation. Especially after you've broken the regularity of an exercise habit, getting back into the same rhythm is usually an uphill battle every time.

Without the proper mindset, trying to get and stay motivated for regular exercise may prove to be quite daunting. For most people, even with all the promise of good health and better figure, exercise can still be a tedious prospect to face.

But what if you can get into an exercise rhythm where it becomes a lot more fun and a lot less boring? Wouldn't it be wonderful to get and stay motivated to do exercise on a regular basis because you somehow look forward to it? Making exercise more fun may just make it a lot easier to do. How do you do it?

One fun approach to exercise is to turn it into a game. This becomes even more fun and exciting if you do it with a friend. By challenging each other, motivating each other and keeping each one on track, helping each other out, and just generally making a game out of your exercise routines, you lessen the dread that most people normally associate with exercising alone.

If what you are after in exercise is just to work your muscles, you may opt to get out of a strict routine from time to time. City parks normally have playground equipment like monkey bars where you can do pull-ups and other activities that will challenge your muscles. Even slides and see-saws may provide you with your exercise workouts while having fun with your friend or friends.

Walking and jogging exercises can also become fun if you break your routine from time to time. Explore new trails, find new places to walk or jog, or plan some out of town hiking once in a while. Instead of walking or jogging, riding a bike may also be a nice break from a regular routine.

Organize sports activities with your friends and make it on a regular schedule. A once-a- week badminton, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, or basketball game are some possible options.

Indeed, there are many ways to make exercise more fun and less boring. The key is to do away with routine as much as you can. Of course, some exercise regimens require that you follow a strict program but breaking out of routine from time to time will not be much of a problem. Also, do your exercise with friends whenever possible. Eventually, the exercise habit will be etched into your lifestyle and waking up and looking forward to it will become a normal part of your daily life.