Exercise is an important part in the management of diabetes because it can help lower blood sugar levels and help one maintain insulin sensitivity. But before we delve into the details of how exercise can help diabetics, it is important to understand also that there are two types of diabetes and that there may be significant similarities and differences in the kind of exercises that may be applicable to each diabetic type.

The popular papaya has been called by many names but I think the one that gives it the best honor is its title as "fruit of the angels". Christopher Columbus, who is referred to in history as the first European to reach America in 1492, is said to have given this monicker to the much-loved fruit. Aside from being called this by Columbus, the papaya has many great qualities that I believe makes it qualified to be a star fruit.

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mydailydoseAs our body and mind ages, we need to supplement our daily intake of nutrients to cope with the onslaught of pollutants, irritants, and allergens. Some of the supplements I take are:

  1. Vitamin E - an antioxidant supplement that contains natural tocopherol, It is purported to help support brain, cardiovascular, and respiratory functions.
  2. Coenzyme Q10 - also known as ubiquinone but is more popularly referred to as CoQ10, it is a compound that is naturally found in our bodies. As we grow older however, certain conditions may inhibit the proliferation of CoQ10 in our system. Especially for people with heart conditions, or those who are taking medication for hypertension or high-cholesterol levels, CoQ10 is a welcome supplement.
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