procrastinationOnce upon a time, in the nation of Procrasti, there lived a beautiful child named Nawna. Nawna lived with her family, her mother Mama Yana and her father Papa Lipasin. Nawna also has a brother Kuya Monanga and a sister Ate Kamuna. Her mother's twin sister also lived with them and she fondly calls her Tia Kana.

One rainy morning, with the threat of an impending typhoon casting a creeping darkness across Nawna's village, Nawna was walking home from school with a heavy heart. Classes were suspended because of the typhoon and they were advised by their teacher to heed the call of their mayor to evacuate their homes and tempporarily move to higher ground.

optimism crossroadOne time I was in the bank doing some transactions and the teller asked me “How are you today, Sir?” I replied, “Great!” and the teller looked at me and seemed pleasantly surprised at my answer. She said, “Normally, other people would just say ‘fine’ or ‘I’m good’ but I’m glad to hear you reply ‘Great!’”

I told her that I believe that should be the consistent way to answer the query because indeed every day is a great day to be alive. We just have to count the blessings we receive each day and we can’t help but be optimistic in seeing that our blessings will always outweigh our difficulties.

I even went on to tell her that if you happen to be on the receiving end and someone answers you with “Great! And how about you?” the standard answer should then be a resounding “Great, too! Never been better!”

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