atmisterkababWhile dining with my family at Mister Kabab last March 25, I thought of putting up a similar restaurant. I wanted something different, however. So I decided to focus on Azerbaijan cuisine and make it the main theme of the business.

Azerbaijan cuisine is not just similar to what Mister Kabab was offering but a lot more. Generally a mix of Midlle Eastern, Meditteranean, and Eurasian food, it's main course revolves around 30 kinds of soup, including some made from plain yoghurt. But probably the most popular preparation is plov, or saffron-covered rice served with various herbs and greens. Kebabs and shashliks made of either lamb, beef, chicken or fish are good second courses. But even if not for a full meal, Azerbaijan light snacks are an adventure in themselves as well.

Azerbaijan-Plov 800px-Food Gechresh_Azerbaijan_03   761px-Azerbaijan Light_snack

garage for_rentAs the volume of vehicles continue to rise in Metro Manila, one consequence is the clogging of streets, especially small side streets, because of the proliferation of double-parked vehicles. But some are getting enterprising ideas as a result of the worsening problem. While walking along one of Cubao's busy streets one day, I chanced upon a sign posted on a Meralco post which said "Garage for Rent". Leave it to the ever-ready entrepreneurial spirit of the Pinoy to come up with ideas like this.

The problem of the growing vehicle volume in the country is no laughing matter. Close to 170,000 cars were sold in the Philippines in 2010 representing a 27.2 increase from 2009. Nearly two million cars are registered in Metro Manila alone.1 But what about other type of vehicles? No wonder then that double parked vehicles are slowing down traffic in most side streets of Metro Manila on any given day. It seems like Metro Manila is slowly turning into a "huge parking lot for trucks, jeeps, cars and tricycles."2

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