atmisterkababWhile dining with my family at Mister Kabab last March 25, I thought of putting up a similar restaurant. I wanted something different, however. So I decided to focus on Azerbaijan cuisine and make it the main theme of the business.

Azerbaijan cuisine is not just similar to what Mister Kabab was offering but a lot more. Generally a mix of Midlle Eastern, Meditteranean, and Eurasian food, it's main course revolves around 30 kinds of soup, including some made from plain yoghurt. But probably the most popular preparation is plov, or saffron-covered rice served with various herbs and greens. Kebabs and shashliks made of either lamb, beef, chicken or fish are good second courses. But even if not for a full meal, Azerbaijan light snacks are an adventure in themselves as well.

Azerbaijan-Plov 800px-Food Gechresh_Azerbaijan_03   761px-Azerbaijan Light_snack

The twist will be in the preparation of the food since not all ingredients native to Azerbaijan are abundant or available in the Philippines. Some may also prove to be very costly which can drive the menu prices to unreasonable values. To solve this, substititutes will be used from locally available ingredients. This will give our Azerbaijan cuisine a distinctly East Asian flavor.

I've already thought of a name and a tagline for the restaurant. It will be KebabBoydon - for an East Asian taste of Azerbaijan cuisine.


What do you think?