When you decided to become a professional speaker, effectively you also decided to be a professional marketer. People will not just come to you even if you are that good, especially in the early stages of your professional speaking career.

You have to get the word out there and one way to do it is to have a promotional or marketing kit also known as your professional speaking portfolio.

To create a marketing kit that will get the attention of speaker bureaus and event organizers you need to have certain information available. These information are the ones they are looking for:

1. Materials summary (or sometimes also called the content sheet).

This should include a general outline of what you intend to present in the event you are targeting. If you have no specific event in mind and are just presenting yourself as a possible choice for the speaker bureaus or event organizers for their future needs, this should include possible topics (with catchy titles) that you can deliver.

2. Short video of sample speaking engagement.

At best this should be related to the topic you are applying to speak about. Or perhaps you have started to be noticed by speaker bureaus and they asked for your portfolio, this video should be about the subject you are being asked to speak about. If you do not have one yet, try to shoot a short segment simulating a part of your presentation and when you get the chance to speak at an event, ask the organizers if they are video-taping the event and ask for a copy of your presentation if possible. You can then use some video editing software to cut excerpts of your talk and even add intro and outro music to make it look and sound more professional. A good video will help the groups you are marketing to have an idea of what you can deliver for them.

3. Your biography.

Highlight your abilities and capabilities. Include certifications and citations if any, or awards you have received even if they may not be directly related to the topic you are being asked to speak on. If you give an impressive copy of your credentials, aside from getting you, the event organizers may decide to include snippets of your bio in the advertisement of their event thus giving you additional marketing mileage.

4. What other people say about you and your services (testimonials).

If #3 is you talking about yourself, this one is about other people talking about you and will sound a lot more credible. Make sure that as you get invited to more and more events, ask feedback from the organizers. If you personally know people who have attended some of your engagements, ask them feedback as well. Continuously update this section of your portfolio with better material as they come along which will surely come as you see yourself getting better and better with each new exposure.

5. List of products, services, books and resource materials with corresponding fees.

As a professional speaker, it will help boost your income from your speaking engagements if you have other merchandise to sell during the event. This would normally include books, CDs or videos, other services, or training and other resource materials. Include a list of these together with other topics that you can handle together with a schedule of fees for each.

6. Client referrals or sample list of previous engagements.

Since not everyone whom you asked for feedback will give a testimonial, it's a good idea to have just a separate running list of all previous clients who have availed of your services, events you have participated in, or trainings and seminars you may have conducted for corporate clients.

7. Contact information.

Include all possible ways that potential clients may contact you like landline and mobile numbers, email address(es), website, and social media accounts.

Once you're done with your professional speaking portfolio, go over it several times to make sure you have neither overdone it with too much information nor underdone it with too little. Have someone go over it also for that touch of having someone looking at it from the outside. Proofread it thoroughly and if possible, have a copy editor go through your portfolio. This initial effort at marketing yourself will go a long way if done properly and professionally.