You may think you are the greatest speaker out there and the world is just waiting for you to hear your message. However, if you do not market yourself you will soon realize that it is just an illusion of an inflated ego. With your decision to become a professional speaker came the necessity to be a marketer also. You have to learn how to market yourself in the field you intend to dominate.

After days of practicing and rehearsing your speech you finally get to stand and deliver it before your audience. At some point in your presentation, however, your mind suddenly goes blank and you forget what to say next. As awkwardness and embarrassment kicks in, you panic and you lose your entire speech altogether.

Successful presentations don't just happen. They need to be worked on and refined to perfection. Practicing your speech gives you the chance to keep on improving your craft and even if you have to deliver the same material over and over to different audiences, devoting time to practice it every time will result in better and better presentations each time.

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